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Aina held her tightly. She was giving strength to Huiyin. Regardless of the outcome, they had to face it; even if they were afraid, they still had to face it. In life, they were often left with no choice


Captain Wang Zheng, given your current physical condition, its better that you give up the next battle, said the doctor. He was only carrying out his duties as a doctor. Every indicator revealed that Wang Zhengs body was extremely weak.


But panicking was useless. If one’s specialty was of no help to the problem, then no amount of effort would remedy things. This was not even a problem of money.


Unlike Yan Xiaosus hysterical cries and excitement, Ye Zisu was quietly crying in her heart. Aina was not the only one who understood Wang Zheng. Ye Zisu might be the one who truly understood him. This was a foolish man who lived for others. Foolish yet loveable, to the extent that she could not leave him.


This time around, many of the warriors were mature and complete fighters. Without testing, they were just a name, but this test had basically reflected their level.


Between the ancient martial arts trio, Anluda had the most desire to become famous. He indeed had quite good capabilities, but he seemed to have forgotten that Lear was the captain.

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As for physical combat, this was the first time anyone was able to take on his Drilling Cannon. This was after he had watched Wang Zheng compete. He understood Wang Zhengs tactics he knew when Wang Zheng would use the Leaning Landslide, so he had made the first move. Making the first move in a battle between the masters was actually an advantage in itself. Yet the result in the end had been disappointing.


Before they knew it, a glimmer of light had come back into the sky, although it was still far from daylight.


The team members of Saruman Snake did not show up. Yan Xiaosu and the rest did not want to impose on them either. At a time like this, Wang Zheng would focus completely on the preparations for the battle. They had already come this far, so their focus would be on the championship.


“Upcoming is an Ability X test. Endure 10 minutes for stability. The weakest 10 are eliminated.”


Just as Wang Zheng’s punch was flying full force towards the defending Zhang Zhun, and was about to close, a gunshot rang from the woods.


Malolo smiled slightly. “A lad from Earth who had just passed twenty leading a bunch of misfits, excuse the French, and yet managed to advance to the quarterfinals. After this SIG, he is very likely to become one of the youngest warriors to be named in the top one hundred of the X battle standings. Who should I favour, if not him?”


Arbiter’s Warrior Soul College’s General Sarabujal looked peaceful, but his serenity at this moment was the greatest conceitedness.



The battles for day two had finished. The Arbiter Soulless battle team had advanced easily and indisputably. Arbiter was still powerful.



Aragorn nodded his head. There were conflicts externally as well as internally. Aragorn’s Borah family and the Van family had been competing for many years. Previously, it had always been to the Van family’s advantage, and it was only in recent years that the Borah family had grown in grandeur. Incidentally, it had been SIG that dealt the Van family a heavy blow.


There was another bag on the floor…. Opening it… there were actually nine tags inside. Zhang Shan raised his head to the sky. Even a moron would understand that this was not luck. Food fell from the sky, but not tags. There was not even a corpse around him. Someone was helping him… or helping Saruman Snake… but who would it be?


There are some very special guests for todays match. In the west stand, we have a group of very special invited guests. They are the giants from Titatitan. Let us welcome them to the family of the Milky Way Alliance with a round of applause!

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